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  • Concert & Livestream from Amsterdam
    20 dec. 2020 15:00
    Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Nederland


praam is a composer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


He has recently written and recorded an album (sentience) with solo piano tracks set to be released in 2019. The aim is to allow listeners to escape from the daily hectic and to focus on what they feel rather than on what they think, whether it’s in the train, in the elevator or even during work.


The solo piano is an honest instrument to capture pure emotion, which has been the aim in praam’s pieces. The tracks are calming and storytelling with open chords and tones.


sentience is produced by Gijs van Klooster (Joep Beving, Niklas Paschburg) and is written and recorded during long evenings across a period of months, as praam was combining his passion for music with a ‘normal day-job’. This has also driven the urge to create space and time to truly experience life and sound, which this project aims to do.


A string of singles has been released during 2019 with the album set for release in January 24th, 2020. 





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