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On between two poles – >10 million streams online already since launch, and now available on vinyl – praam tells stories that take place on our planet. “It talks about the silent voices. Society is drowned out by the loudest voices; and the people with the loudest voices are often very black or white, right or left, for or against in their train of thought. Also known as polarization. But between those poles lies the real world with the real experiences, characters, nature, and feelings. A world in which nuance speaks loudest.”


Each track is effectively a scene on the stage we call 'earth', between the two poles. There is one scene taking place in a nature film with dense forest (‘infinite green’), a scene in which two (or all) people meet (‘our paths crossing’), a scene of a busy market in India (‘pune’), a scene of the world that comes to life (‘morgen’) or the flashback to the past, the insight that you are connected to everything (‘að muna’).

between two poles - LP (vinyl)

€ 14,99Prijs
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